Lifestyle Index Some Key points to Consider when Choosing your Home

In our previous blog, of Points to consider when buying an apartment, we have talked about a key point, which is, the lifestyle index. The Lifestyle Index or Quality of Life, in more common terms, is a means of measuring the standards of living of an individual or the society and their expectations for a good life. This a multi-dimensional concept and there are numerous factors that might affect the Quality of Life for an individual. The parameters might also differ from country to country or even region to region, based on different socio-economic conditions. Nonetheless, this can be used as a reference against which the different domains of a personal life can be measured. In the following sections, let us explore some of the most common parameters considered regarding the lifestyle index.

  1. Jobs and Income: This is the main activity of any individual. This also includes the availability of jobs or employment rate, the working conditions, the average salary, work-life balance and most importantly, the economic security.
  2. Housing Conditions: This will include all, the structure and the living conditions like the architectural design, the space between the buildings or even the traffic noises from the home.
  3. Health: This will of course include the availability and quality of hospitals, pharmacies and practicing doctors. This will also include other healthcare facilities like nursing homes.
  4. Education: As the Title suggests, this will include the Educational Institutes and the Quality. This will also include the literacy rates other related institutes or services like bookshops, tutors, extra-curricular institutes and so on.
  5. Infrastructure & Services: You are not confined in the house that you are living in only, but you need to attain to various other services for living. From convenience stores to groceries, from electronics shops to sanitaryware, from furniture shops to gift shops, from cosmetic shops to restaurants and cafes, we are dependent on a lot of other services. The availability, the quality and the accessibility of these services are an important factor in determining the lifestyle index.
  6. Environmental Quality: Often overlooked but is one of the most important point to measure the index. It includes the Air quality, level of Air pollution, Water Quality, Noise and so on. A very advanced area with all the required infrastructures can have poor environmental quality and thus lowering the quality of life.
  7. Mobility: Even if you have all the service and facilities centers, if they are not easily accessible at a low cost then it is useless. One must consider the price of public transport facilities, choices of transport modes and the conditions of the roads before choosing a place to live in.
  8. Safety and Security: A safe and secured place will give you peace of mind in your daily routine. You need to consider the crime rates and the responsiveness of the law enforcements. You must also consider the availability any other emergency services like fire services.
  9. Leisure and Social Interactions: The community you live in is more than just your physical address! Everyone needs some sorts of recreation and the availability of parks, cultural centers, museums, cinemas etc. are crucial in determining the quality of life in a place.
  10. Overall Experience: There are many other factors which can determine the quality of life like, the Demographic Contexts, The Basic Human Rights, Political Rights, Civic Engagements etc. but in conclusion, the overall experience of living in a place should be satisfactory.

As you can see the above points are vital in deciding the quality of life at a country, region or area. If these factors are favorable, then of course the living condition is favorable. There are methods of scoring these parameters and so it can be concluded that, the higher the score, the better is the lifestyle index. And the greater the lifestyle index in an area, the better the overall experience will be for the inhabitants in that area.

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