“SUVASTU” is all about giving the best experience in your Real Estate Journey! Thus, we like to define ourselves as those who can provide a “good home”, which is reflected in our Company Name! Where “Su” is the Bangla word for “Good” and “Vastu” is “Ecology” or “Home”.

We believe that a good home is where you can find peace! A home is a place where you can enjoy and appreciate your lifestyle with complete freedom. At home, you return to yourself! This is our story. Everything we do, our vision, passion, products, and services revolve around this ideology. Our Projects reflect this message in terms of the locations of our land, architectural designs, construction quality, client relations, and overall integrity toward fair business practices!

At Suvastu Properties Ltd., we are optimistic about the future as we are set to spread this message to all! We believe in attaining true wellness by delivering the most desirable and affordable homes for all!

Best wishes on our future Endeavors from Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Corporate Head Office:

Suvastu Imam Square, 5th Floor 

65 Gulshan Ave, Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212

Suvastu Properties Ltd
To craft Projects that nurture your soul, enhance wellness, and invite you to “Return to Yourself.”
To inspire a team of professionals, committed to delivering exceptional real estate experiences.



To be the most Desirable Brand in Real Estate

Our vision is to become the epitome of desirability in the real estate industry. And we shall achieve this through an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of quality. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our slogan “Return to Yourself” ensures that every space we craft nurtures your soul and enriches your lives. 

Sustainability:                We prioritize eco-friendly construction practices for a greener tomorrow.
Innovation:                        Pioneering new ideas, we redefine industry standards.
Mastery:                              Cultivating expertise and excellence, fostering depth in every endeavor.
Professionalism:          Upholding high standards, we guarantee trust and reliability.
Leadership:                      Guided by our vision, we inspire excellence and lead by example.
Empathy:                           With compassion, we build meaningful connections.


Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve both of our internal and external customers’ satisfaction through valued quality, smooth delivery and cost-effectiveness through continual improvement of the products and services we offer.

We are committed to care for our people, our society and the environment through an integrated quality management approach aiming to ensure the ethical business practice.

Welcome to Suvastu Properties Ltd.

We invite you to embark on a new chapter of our journey toward wellness with our inspiring motto, ‘Return to Yourself.’ At Suvastu Properties Ltd. (SPL), we find inspiration in our rich heritage and extensive experience in the Housing Industry of Bangladesh. We aim to bring everyone connected with us together, all as our cherished ‘Partners.’

Our innovative approaches are guided towards achieving Excellence in Design and Construction, offering High-end Customer Services, and upholding Integrity in all our business practices. Through these principles, we promise to provide one of the most exceptional experiences for our ‘Partners’.

Suvastu Properties Ltd. aspires to nurture wellness for our ‘Partners.’ We believe that exciting times lie ahead for us, driven by our commitment, our motto, core values, and ambitions. SPL is engaged in numerous projects aimed at providing Affordable Housing for all.

With that, we wish that success accompany you in all your future endeavors.

Nazmul Haque Khan
Managing Director
Suvastu Properties Ltd.

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