Kitchen Design

Over the years we have seen a rapid evolution in the Kitchen Design but has been one of the essential rooms ever since the invention of cooking. In Bangladesh, the kitchen was usually separated from the main living space since the kitchen gets heated up and because of the smoke from the cooking in the clay stove. In the Village such kitchens can still be seen. When designing your own kitchen, you need to keep in mind some key factors:

  1. The number of Users
  2. The number of People for whom the Food is being prepared
  3. The types of Food to be prepared

On top of these, you also need to think about the ventilation, lighting, storage, cleanliness and aesthetic values.

In modern times, there are two types of kitchen, the dry kitchen and the wet kitchen. In many foreign countries like the European Countries there is little need for the Wet kitchen, but the rich culture of Bangladesh has made it so that, the wet kitchen is essential in every household. As a nation, we love to eat Fresh fish and we love to prepare it ourselves. So, the wet kitchen must include a Down Sink. The Top Mounted Sink can be of Stainless Steel or made from Granite Composites. The Granite Sinks might be costlier than the usual ones we are accustomed to but are easier to clean and gives a better outlook to the kitchen.

We also love to prepare our food with a lot of oil and spices, and this causes the kitchen walls, counter tops and other appliances to become greasy too often. To solve that, today Granite tops are used for kitchen counters and the walls should be covered with Mirror-Polished Tiles so that they can be cleaned easily.

Storage is vital in Kitchen design. There are numerous ideas all over internet to store the kitchen appliances, the cutleries, the crockeries and the dinner sets can be stored away conveniently. Stacking everything in one place will save the space but is not convenient to find the required item on time. There are many ideas for corner storage and flexible furniture which can be utilized in your kitchen.

Darker Color is more popular in kitchen design since they don’t look dirty or greasy. A black granite countertop will look elegant and ill also match with the modern stoves, induction hobs or electric cookers. The wall can also have a darker color pallet, like charcoal, grey or taupe.

You can integrate overhead Storages and Dishwashers in your kitchen. You can have spice racks which will come out as you open the door. You can have concealed bins under the sink to store the soap and detergents. But there should not be too many corners or hidden storages as it might cause pests like cockroaches and bugs to nest there. The Storages should be easily accessible for cleaning and maintaining.

During Kitchen Design, there is a golden rule, known as the “Work Triangle” which is the triangular area with the three vertices as the stove, the sink and the fridge. This Area should be as convenient as possible so that the vertices are not far apart and again not so close that the free movement is hampered. Sometimes if two of the points are close together and the third point is far apart then the user might also feel uncomfortable while working.

Lastly, of course the kitchen should be designed in such a way and in such a point of the total house so that it has proper cross ventilation and is well lit. Natural light during the day is essential to save electric consumption as well and thus reduce your carbon footprint.

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