Experience luxurious living at Suvastu Jesrin, right in Bashundhara R/A. This premium residential project offers ultimate comfort and style, defining a whole new level of modern living.



  • Unique Architectural Design by Award Winning Architect
  • Wide Roads on Three Sides of the Project for Seamless Accessibility
  • South-East Facing Apartments
  • Gymnasium, Community Lounge for your convenience
  • And more …


The groundwork for Suvastu Jesrin is being laid! We’ve begun the essential phase of earth excavation, a process often unseen but vital to any construction project. Our team utilizes advanced techniques that prioritize both safety and efficiency.

Earth excavation involves the strategic removal of soil, rock, and other materials to create space for the building’s foundation, basement, utility lines, and landscaping. This process can be accomplished through various methods, including specialized machinery or manual labor, depending on the specific needs of the site.

Understanding soil conditions and implementing solutions for potential environmental impact are crucial aspects of this phase. Our experienced engineers prioritize sustainable practices and adhere to all environmental regulations.

Through meticulous planning and execution, earth excavation sets the stage for Suvastu Jesrin’s rise, transforming the landscape and paving the way for a magnificent new development.



It doesn’t necessarily mean that investment in all or any Real Estate blindly and without any prior thoughts or research is a good idea. There are several factors to take into consideration when buying an apartment or commercial property and in our next articles we will explore those. But Nevertheless, Real Estate is indeed one of the most sustainable sectors for investment in this rapidly changing ecology.

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