Importance of Design in Real Estate

Who can be positioned as the core in the Real Estate Industry? It is a debatable topic and according to some views, “Investors lie at the heart of the project, its concept and commercial success” while most agree that as like any other Industries, “Customer is the King”. Which are all agreed upon by many yet sometimes we forget about a key player in the Real Estate Industry and that is the Design Team or the Architects, the creative team working in the background to give the product the best visual look and at the same time, making it convenient for the end users.

So, what does an architect do?

Most people will not differentiate between architects and engineers. Some would correctly answer that, “architects design buildings” which is true, but an efficient architect does more than just that. A good architect communicates the need, the desire of the consumers and expresses it successfully through their design. At the same time, he or she bridge the national and international codes, rules and laws where applicable and makes the design practical and convenient for the dwellers, the users etc. A good architect doesn’t only design walls, windows and rooms, but they design an experience.

Architecting Experience

A good architect doesn’t think of the building as a dead structure, but a journey for the users. Be it a residential building or be it a commercial mega structure or an office space. An architect will consider who will stay in that building, will it be used by senior citizens? Will there be children? What if a large family stays there?

Let us look into some old successful Shopping malls like Eastern Plaza or Suvastu Nazar Valley. People still visit there with families. The shops are categorized according to floors so those who go there knows where to go to buy what. There are food courts, restrooms, praying areas etc. The passageway is easy to follow, and one would not get lost or feel claustrophobic. There are escalators, lifts and stairs at convenient locations for easy access to all the floors. That’s why the mid income group of Bangladesh which constitutes the majority of people of the economy still love to visit there and has made the projects a successful one till now.

Now imagine if the shopping mall was not well designed and were confusing. People cannot find the necessary spots easily like restrooms or exits or even the lift area. There are some shopping malls all over the world, including in Bangladesh which are designed like that. No matter how aesthetic the structure is to look at from outside, no matter how contemporary the shops are selling the latest brands of products or no matter what kind of modern technologies are being used in the mall, the number of people visiting there is less than that projected.

Similarly, think of a residential project which has well ventilated and well-lit rooms, so that the dwellers get a sense of openness while living inside. They would get sunlight in the morning and the fresh morning breeze and so, can get little sense of relaxation and rejuvenation before starting the busy city life. If the Building is Wheelchair accessible and has Stretcher Lift and a large Veranda with Lawn and Seating Arrangements, then the family can feel assured that their parents or any senior citizens can stay there comfortably. There should be a safe and wide children-play area, a living room to enjoy with the whole family, a community zone and many more. To incorporate all these while following the building codes and at the same time keeping the design aesthetic and functional along with the consideration of minimizing the cost of construction through efficient design, is the job of the architect.

When all these points are handled well then, the cost of the building decreases but the product value increases greatly as the building has proper utilization of the space. Real Estate Developers should acknowledge their contributions and work together for the betterments of all.

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