Importance of Construction Equipment

The Real Estate Sector is one of the most significant contributor of GDP growth in Bangladesh. According to the report from UNDP, there is a prediction that, 40% of the people in our country will be urbanized by 2020. This indicates that there will be a rise in demand in all sorts of infrastructures from apartments to office and other commercial buildings, to mega malls, hospitals and what not! Moreover, there will also be necessity to construct more roads, highways, metro railways, flyovers and so on. All these ultimately implies that there will be higher demand in the Real Estate and Construction Sector. Engineering and Construction needs to be well planned, efficient, safe, cost effective and completed in the shortest possible time. In order to achieve that, construction equipment play a major role. Previously we have gone through some of the commonly used Heavy Construction Equipment in Bangladesh, now let us discuss the advantages of utilizing these equipment and machineries.


  1. Health and Safety: Safety is of the utmost priority in all construction sites. No matter how big or how small a project is, safety is always the greatest concern of the people working in construction sites. Construction equipment can ensure that when properly used by following the operating procedures and safety guidelines.

Excavation, Demolition and Piling are all done with Construction equipment, which if done manually are dangerous and can create health hazards. The equipment can also be used in unfavorable weather conditions like during rainy seasons. For example, manual soil cutting, and excavation can cause injuries associated with slipping and falling. With the use of excavators such injuries can be eliminated. Working from an operating cabin can also help the workers to be safe from dust related health risks which is prevalent in the construction sites. Similarly, other difficult can be easily completed with the help of heavy equipment. Such strenuous tasks could have taken a toll on the workers’ health in the long run and are made easier with the help of construction equipment.

Of course, the operators and other people present at the construction sites must also be conscious of the risks related to the construction equipment itself. Engineers, Operators, and others present must know about the Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Guidelines of each equipment.


  1. Timesaving and Efficiency: The Construction works can get smoother and faster with the help of Construction equipment. After Health and Safety, on time completion of projects is the most important factor. Construction equipment helps to speed up the works without compromising efficiency and in turns optimizing cost in the long run.

For example, use of Excavators overcomes many of the limitations associated with manual labor from the inconsistency due to weather, attendance, health, socio-economic conditions, and a variety of other factors.


  1. Handling Complex Projects: As discussed earlier, strenuous works can be completed with construction equipment. In Bangladesh there are many ongoing and upcoming mega projects like the Dhaka Metro Railway, The Padma Bridge, Deep Sea Ports and Karnaphuli Tunnel. Such projects are complex and are not feasible without the use of heavy construction equipment.

At the Same time, various private constructions are going on all over Dhaka City which are complicated due to high end architectural and engineering designs. Such projects are almost impossible to think of being completed by the traditional manual process of construction.


  1. Improves Quality: With the increase in Complexity of the projects, the Quality also needs to be up to the standards. Human errors can be reduced with the help of Heavy equipment hence improving the quality of the finished project.

For example, concrete mixers can give a homogenous mix of cement which, if done manually would be difficult to achieve. Moreover, each batch of concrete mix will be uniform throughout the project.


  1. Increases Brand Value: Lastly, the use of Construction equipment helps any construction or engineering company to increase its brand value in this competitive market. Large Engineering and Construction companies, or even Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh like Suvastu Properties Ltd. has their own fleet of Construction equipment to ensure the quality and efficiency of our projects.

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