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Heavy Construction Equipment used in Real Estate

The Real Estate Sector has developed a lot all over the world. The famously traditional brick masonry, lime concrete and wooden or iron structures that we are all familiar with, has long been replaced with modern construction materials like Reinforce Concrete, Glass and Structural Steel. With the change in Construction materials the Construction process has also changed. Not only that, now with modernization and other technological advancements, Mega structures are being made all over Bangladesh. As the construction process has changed so now, we require the most suitable and advance machineries and construction equipment for maximum efficiency and best construction quality. Let us get familiar with some of the Heavy Construction Equipment used in Bangladesh.

  1. Ready Mix Concrete Mixer Trucks: With the increasing demand in homogenously mixed concrete in the shortest possible time, one cannot think of any Construction without these in the present times. Beside mixing the cement, it is also used to aggregate sand, gravel and water to make the concrete, hence, they are also known as cement mixer trucks or concrete agitator trucks.
  2. Excavators: Excavators are used for excavation or cutting and filling in both large- and small-scale constructions. For any residential or commercial projects, sometimes there is already an old structure present which needs to be taken down and then the area needs to be cleared. Excavators are idle machineries in such cases. They can also be used for heavy lifting, demolition or river dredging. The operator sits in a cabin which can rotate 360 degrees.
  3. Pile Boring and Pile Driving Machines: These machineries are used in foundation engineering in Real Estate. Pile boring machines are used to make bore holes in the construction site to install precast piles in it.

Pile driving equipment on the other hand, lifts the pile and holds it in the right position then drives it into the ground up to required depth using a heavy load referred to as hammer. Pile Drivers are also known as Pile Rigs

In Bangladesh normally 40 feet up to 150 feet piles are a common practice based on the size of the project, the soil quality etc.

  1. Backhoe Loaders: This is a unique equipment that has that multipurpose uses. It has an excavator at the back end and a front loader at the back. The loader is used to load or move aside materials on construction sites like excavated soil, demolition debris, construction raw materials etc. into trucks or dumpers.
  2. Tower Cranes: Tower cranes are fixed cranes used for hoisting in construction sites of high rises structures. The tower crane consists of a mast which is the vertical supporting tower, Jib arm attached to a vertical mast, which is the operating arm of the crane used for the lifting purposes and a Counter Jib which is the other arm carrying the counter weight on rear side of crane. The operator cabin is located at the top of the crane between the Jib arm and the counter jib along the vertical mast. The Operator cabin is accessible through an elevator.

In smaller construction sites, Tower Cranes are not necessary, and the job can be accomplished using Crawler Cranes. The crane is mounted on crawler or a set of tracks which allows mobility. The operator cabin is at the bottom unlike the Tower Cranes. But the main disadvantage of Crawler Cranes is the maximum weight it can lift, which is a lot less than that of the Tower Cranes.

  1. Bulldozers: Bulldozers are a type of tractor which are equipped with a sharp edged and wide metal plate which are used to move aside large amount of topsoil layer, raw materials like sand or gravel, construction debris and wastes etc. Nowadays Bulldozers are also equipped with a claw at the back end which helps to loosen any densely compacted soil.
  2. Road Rollers or Compactors: This can be sometimes thought as the opposite of Bulldozers as they are construction and engineering vehicles used to compact any material or the soil surface. Smooth wheel rollers are used for compacting shallow layers of soil or asphalt.
  3. Telehandlers: Telehandlers are also known as Manlifts and these are hoisting equipment used in construction to lift heavy materials up to required height or to provide construction platform for workers at greater heights. These are more convenient and safer than scaffolding as they allow works more flexibility. Unlike scaffolding which required assembling and disassembling, through telehandlers, workers can reach the working spots easily and fast.

Heavy Construction and Engineering Equipment is essential no matter what the nature of the project is, be it large-scale commercial projects, multi-storied office buildings, residential colonies over a vast space of land or even extended railway projects. Visit our Construction Equipment page to know more about our Services and Workmanships.

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